How to Soundproof a Car for Quieter Driving

how to make your car soundproof

A noisy car is the last thing you want when taking long trips, or even just popping down the road to do some shopping, but how can you possibly make your car quieter you ask?

You will notice that there are some cars that are noisier than others. Jeeps and trucks are usually very loud, while Tesla is quieter because it has an electric motor.

Just because you don’t have a Tesla doesn’t mean you cannot have a quieter driving experience.

The article below is going to help you know how you can dramatically decrease the road and engine noise in a vehicle.

Once you do this, your drives will start to be a little more pleasant.


The most common way of reducing the noise

One product to use that I always recommend is Dynamat because it will help in reducing the overall noise and you don’t have to spend a ton of money on it. It works as a foam shield that is placed under the floor mats of the front seats.

When sound enters, it is soaked up by the mat. It will also help soak up the sound coming from the tires which when on bumbier terrain roads, can become quite a frustrating sound to have to put up with.

There are mats that are cheaper than Dynamat if you find it over your budget.

soundproofing car mat

Check reviews and choose an option that has been praised by many people, you don’t want to spend your money then realize that it didn’t help with the problem.

Installing it will take about an hour, and there is no special knowledge needed to do this.

You just take out the floor mat, apply the new mat, and that is it. You will not have to start messing with the glue because the foam has an adhesive on one side.

The results you get will depend on how loud the car was before applying it and the area that has been covered by the foam.

Once you have completed the front seats of the car, you can move to the trunk area because this is another place where a lot of noise from the rear wheel gets into the car.

car boot with insulation

This is even more important if you have a big trunk space. If the seats of the car are at the back, then adding foam will go a long way.

In my own car, which is a sedan, I applied a single layer of this sound deadening material to the base of the boot, and the difference it made was incredible.


Pay Attention To Reducing Noise Through The Floor

If you have had it with the noise or the heat that comes out of the floor panel of your car, then it can be a good idea to add reflective insulation under the foam.

Reflective insulation is effective because they will block 98% of the heat that comes from the floorboard of your car.

It will also help with sound insulation. Many people don’t think insulation will do much for the sound, but you will be surprised at how good it works.

reduce noise through car floor

I personally have had reflective insulation installed in my car and have seen some incredible results in the noise reduction on normal roads and even when driving across tougher terrain.

The good thing about it is the fact that you can lay it under the foam talked about at the beginning of this article.

The only thing you will need to buy is the 3M General Trim Adhesive. Spray the floor then put the insulation on the adhesive.

Once it has dried, apply the foam to the top of the insulation.

Doing this will go a long way in making the car as silent as possible.


Soundproofing The Car Doors

If you still have a problem with the amount of noise in your car, then you can soundproof the doors of the car because it is one of the most effective things.

You should be ready because it is an arduous task because the process can take time, effort, and a little frustration.

The best option when it comes to soundproofing the car is using foam insulation, which is the same as the one used in soundproofing the floor mats.

You should always go for quality soundproofing materials because the one you choose will have the biggest impact on the quality of results you get.

car door with insulation

The process of soundproofing the windows and doors of your car is hard because of the amount of labor needed to do it.

The first layer of the car door will need to be removed (this includes the screws) and measuring the door so that you will be able to know the right amount of material needed.

Once you have the material, the process of applying the foam will start. You need to make sure that much of the areas inside have been covered, without adding too much weight or obstructions.

This is a good idea because it will ensure there is as much noise canceling as possible without affecting the process of putting the car door back or adding weight to the car, which can make it harder to drive.

Once you do this, you should be able to see some great results. The good thing is you can get a professional to help you out with this.


New Stereo

If you don’t want to do all the above things to reduce the noise, then you can try jamming out. Installing a new stereo system inside your car can help you with the outside noise.

The system you install should be loud enough to cancel out the noise coming from the outside. Choosing a system that has a lot of bass capability will help you with the problem. You should employ a little courtesy for your fellow drivers.

The reason why you are looking to soundproof your car is to get rid of the noise, so you don’t have to make it harder for other drivers.

You should have the noise at a level where it cancels out your noise echoing through the car, but obviously not too loud that it becomes a distraction.


There are some areas that you can soundproof for even better results. Some of them include;


Back-seat floor mats

While the front of the car gets more attention, the back will need a little of it. The front is the main because that is where most of the sounds come from. If you have the budget, you can soundproof the back seat floor using mats. You will be able to block the noise coming from the back wheels and the road itself.


Cup Holder

This can sound a little bit weird, but there is some noise that comes out of the cup holder. It can act as a giant megaphone for outside noise because of how they are designed. Soundproofing this area can help in eliminating some noise inside.



One thing to know when it comes to soundproofing is that even a small space can bring in a lot of noise inside the car.

A small space can let in a lot of noise, but many people tend to forget this fact. When soundproofing your car, make sure that even the tiniest of gaps have been filled.

The results you can expect to get will depend on how much noise the inside of your car had.

By applying just the sound foam, you can expect a 40% decrease in sound.

The louder the car, then the more you are able to notice a change in noise. You will be able to see some improvements, especially when you do it right.

It is a good idea to download a decibel meter app on the phone, and then drive down at your normal speed.

Do the soundproofing then take the measurements and see whether there has been a decrease in the decibel level.

You should ensure the AC has been turned off when taking the measurements.

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