Soundproof Curtains & Their Benifits

We all live in a world where noise pollution of all kinds is prevalent. We accept this as a part of life but at the same time when we are at home, we want a retreat where we can relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Anyone who lives in a metropolitan area will often have children at play outside or making noise, cars are buzzing by, and construction is going on.

It is common even in suburban neighborhoods to have dogs barking, lawn mowers running, and other noises similar to those.

Many who live in homes are looking for every way possible to block out the outside noise and to help with this goal we will take a look at the facts about soundproof curtains for your home and if they really work.

Do Soundproof Curtains Work?

The short answer is yes, they can be an amazing investment if you pick up the right ones and have them installed properly.

Depending on the amount of noise coming into your home, they can, from personal experience, reduce unwanted sounds by up to 20-30% due to their thicker design and insulated properties.

Some things need to be understood though. They will not completely block out say traffic noise and any heavy sounds, but they are an incredible way to bounce away lower pitched sounds such as birds chirping, people talking, and have, in my home at least, actually insulated my bedroom, trapping more heat inside and keeping it warmer during winter..

For the price that you pay, which is usually fairly affordable, they are a quick and easy way to bring more peace and quite to the room that you have them in.

I would recommend having a set installed and you will be able to see, or should I say, hear the difference for yourself.

What Are Soundproof Curtains?

These are special blinds that are typically heavier than normal and they’re made of a variety of material but designed specifically to reduce or block outdoor noise.

The good quality ones made for reducing sound will typically have an inner layer and an outer layer which helps absorb and deflect sound.

As an example, they will have a top layer made of fabric along with a high-density inner layer and an additional back layer of fabric.

This type of product not only reduces sound from coming in and going out but it also blocks out the annoying morning light.

For that reason, these curtains can also be used as a blackout solution.

As well as these features they are also suitable for helping to protect furniture from fading that is sometimes caused by the harsh ultraviolet sunlight, greatly reducing the potential resale value of your furniture.

What Are They Actually Made Of?

Unlike regular curtains which are made from thin layers of fabric, these sound blocking ones are made far more densely.

Usually they will be made from two separate types of fabric, which will be sandwiched on top of a layer of mass loaded vinyl.

The vinyl is what actually bounces the sound away from the curtain as does a lot of the heavy lifting.

One extra advantage to having this structured design is they accidentally become a fantastic solution for not only blocking sound, but due to their thicker design, they also block out light.

Should I Just Invest In Blinds Or Sound Absorbing Curtains?

This will all come down to personal preference.

For me and my home, I chose the latter as they were not only vastly cheaper than having blinds installed, but they are far more effective and bring better piece and quite to your castle than what blinds can.

If you cant find any curtains that match the ascetic style of your home that only a specific set of blinds will achieve, then granted, blinds can be the better option, but you will have to remember that you will not be getting the full sound dampening effect of these curtains.

Why Many Homeowners Want Sound Dampening Curtains

There are a number of reasons why homeowners will want to reduce outside noise.

If they are a writer or they run a home-based business, then they will be home during the daytime and they may find outdoor noise to be distracting.

If young parents have an infant then they don’t want the baby to be awakened by outside lawn mowers or children playing and screaming or a motorcycle going by.

Most homeowners have experienced outdoor noise that they found disturbing and that their home failed to keep out.

That is why more and more are looking for these types of drapes so that they can add an extra layer of protection to the part of the home that has little protection for sound reduction.

Many homeowners report that in addition to reducing outdoor noise they have also found that it reduces echoing inside the home.

foam noise reducing curtains on window

Will Soundproof Curtains Block Out Noise As Well As Reduce Window Noise?

They are designed to be an inexpensive alternative to something like double glazed windows. They are unlikely to totally block outdoor noise especially if that noise is quite loud.

What they will do is reduce the overall amount of noise that gets into the home and makes the noise that does get in, die out more quickly as well as making the noise alter in a way that is more pleasant than it otherwise would be.

This is why that most homeowners report that they are very satisfied with the overall result.

Sometimes if someone was expecting a complete blockage on the sound, then they could be rather disappointed, but if they understand that they really have no way of completely blocking out sound, but the material can be such that they not only significantly reduce the sound and cause it to deaden more quickly as it alters the sound in a way that makes it more tolerable than it otherwise would be.

How To Choose The Right Ones For Your Home

It is important when selecting a set for your home that you choose the right ones.

There are many that advertise their products as being soundproof but often this is just an advertisement that means that the curtains are thick.

Being thick alone is not enough to give them the ability to reduce a good portion of the sound.

The drapes will have to be big enough because they need to fully cover every part of the window or the area where they are short will be ineffective in having any reduction of sound. Thicker ones are helpful but thickness alone is not enough.

Curtains that use microfibers and material that is softer is better able to absorb sound and is, therefore, better at soundproofing.

Some of the best ones include a front and back layer of soft fabric with a tightly woven high-density middle layer. This seems to work the very best.

This type of curtain gives a tremendous amount of sound deadening while at the same time changing the acoustics of the sound so that even what does make it through is easier to listen to.

Similar to the way that your singing may sound better in the closet or the shower, better acoustics makes sounds easier to listen to. This is how these type of curtains can help.

They not only block a certain amount of sounds but they change the acoustics of the sounds that does make it through so that it is less distracting.

How To Hang Them

The initial process of hanging these drapes is relatively simple, from my personal experience anyway.

You will want to purchase, if not supplied with them, brackets or hooks, depending on the style of the product, that will need to be screwed into the wall. This can be a tricky process depending on the type of wall you have, but ultimately is very simple.

You will also need a rod that will be attached to the hooks or brackets, so before you install the hooks or brackets, make sure you measure the length of the rod first to make sure that it will fit snugly.

Once you have everything measured, start by screwing the hooks or brackets into the wall above your window with a manual or electric screwdriver. We recommend a manual one as you can take you time aligning everything.

Once they are snug on the wall, slide the sound blocking curtains across the rod and ensure that it fits perfectly.

The last step is to simply place the rod with the attached drapes onto the hooks and finish off by making sure that it is aligned and looking great.

What you will need to install them

  • The curtains
  • Wall hooks or brackets
  • Measuring tape
  • Rod
  • Manual or electric Screwdriver

Try The Three-Pass Microfiber Thermal Insulated Curtains By Nice Town

This particular product are made of a highly durable and effective imported polyester. They include panels that are 42 inches wide by 84 inches long and they come with 6 grommets. To the touch, the fabric feels very soft and heavy.

As well as being capable of significantly reducing outside sound, they are also capable of blocking over 90% of UV ray light.

I personally saw a huge reduction in the amount of light entering my bedroom when I put them up, which is especially great if you live in a city like myself, and have street lights out the front. It will make it much easier for you to fall asleep due to less light beaming through your windows.

They even insulate your room relatively well. Once installed, me and my wife noticed that during winter, we didn’t need to have the heater on as much, as the material on the drapes was trapping a lot of the warm air instead of letting it escape out the window.

This was a huge benefit to us as our power bliss usually skyrocket thanks to our very old heater that just chews through power.

There is no major construction or significant expense and it’s no more difficult to add this to your home then it would be to add any other new curtains.

Our homes are a retreat and they should be peaceful and quiet. Getting soundproof curtains for your home such as those offered by NiceTown is an easy and inexpensive way to add significant convenience and enjoyment to your home.

These curtains are readily available on Amazon.

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